How to spend a weekend in New York like Carrie Bradshaw

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

As Carrie once said, “if you only get one great love, New York may just be mine.” Taking a trip to the iconic city that never sleeps? Well, it’s about time! But whilst you might be content checking out the tourist hotspots – here are some tips on how to explore New York like the local you wish you were.



I will never stop promoting The Butcher’s Daughter. Previously discussed in my LA blog post (check it out here!), this famous brunch spot has been attracting trendsetters and health gurus alike for years. The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar and “vegetable slaughterhouse." It’s not as scary as it sounds! They “treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat… chop, fillet and carve fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and press them into pretty juices.” Based in West Village, grab a juice and start shopping – like Carrie after a typically fantastic night.

Whilst on the topic of West Village – if you’re in the market for up-and-coming hip designers and delicious bakeries, this is the place for you.

some yummy shop windows!^


Okay, yes this might be á la Gossip Girl, a bit of a diversion from Carrie and her gal pals but a must-do, nonetheless. Join the hordes of girls posing on the infamous steps and channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Or, if you’re more of a fashion lover (like me!) then just admire the venue for the infamous gala of the year. Perfectly situated on Fifth Avenue, amongst all the hustle and bustle of Manhattan – make it your mission to have a mooch around the Met’s surrounding area.


But of course, how could I not mention the world-famous Central Park. Carrie’s running route of choice, and the perfect spot for some peace and quiet amidst the madness of Manhattan – this is a must-see. Pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it! Not to mention, it’s home to the city’s iconic zoo and ice rink, too. You might even recognise some famous movie sets, too (my favourite is the ICONIC Bow Bridge, which is featured in Disney’s Enchanted, amongst various others.) In fact, why not just check out this article on all of the park’s claims to fame:

WILLIAMSBURG (for a slice of real life)

Has the madness of the city got to you, yet? When you head to Williamsburg, you can practically feel the air around you open up and breathe. The laid-back, more chilled borough is filled with locals going about their business - and if you head over here, you’ll definitely be feeling like one, too! I recommend popping over here on a Sunday, for the weekly Smorgasbord Food Market. Brimming with vibrant and tasty homecooked foods, sit amongst the locals as you munch on local delicacies. Bring your own cutlery and plates, though as they aren’t provided! Weird? No -I think it adds to the quirkiness and community feel of the event. Not to mention, as seen in the series, this is a hotspot of Carrie’s – so why can’t it be yours, too?


What about the funky shopping spots, though – I hear you cry? Don’t flock to Soho expecting bargains; those days are long gone. Instead, try the infamous flea market and pop-up thrift stores underneath NYC’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Gorgeously flamboyant clothing, unique jewellery and bric-a-brac that will spruce up your home awaits! Not to mention, it’s fantastic for people-watching!


Want to see New York from another perspective? The High Line is an elevated railway running through Manhattan’s West Side, which has been transformed into a public park. The park boasts lush gardens, which give the walkway an air of tranquillity, as you enjoy stunning local artwork and drool over seasonal food vendors – all whilst taking in gorgeous views of the city that never sleeps.


Need I say anything else? Sheer cinematic delight.


indulge in a bit of cheese - it's worth it!

Yes, Carrie might rather check out the latest club opening – but this exciting restaurant probably has longer waiting lists and queues outside the door. This loud, exciting place is the perfect place to grab a meal before a matinee performance of a Broadway show, as you kick back and listen to aspiring Broadway talents sing their hearts out. I’m not joking; the waiters are all working Broadway actors waiting for their big breaks – and working at Ellen’s in the meantime. Over the top? Definitely. Too much? No, way. It’s worth the hype (but maybe don’t expect Michelin-starred food!).


Sit amongst the locals on their morning commutes as you take in panoramic views of the city and check out the Statue of Liberty (for free!). It’s the perfect opportunity for those gorgeously candid holiday photos – and did I mention it’s free?!


(the majority of these photos are taken from Pinterest - all rights go to their rightful owners.)

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