Is Glossier’s Skywash all it's cracked up to be?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Glossier’s brand has grown exponentially in the last six years – celebrating natural beauty and simplicity in makeup. Attracting all manners of customers, from its die-hard millennials to older men and women alike, it is undoubtable that Glossier is the talk of the beauty town. But should Glossier stick to appeasing the Brandy Melville donned 14 year olds of California’s beauty expectations, or can their most recent release of Skywash keep up with the big dogs of the beauty industry?

First Glossier conquered the world of skin care. Emily Weiss, CEO, developed an initial collection of a cleanser, priming moisturizer, lip balm and a misting spray. Simple, clean and efficient, the success of these products led to her expansion of the brand. Now, she boasts a range of Glossier and Glossier Play makeup, body and skincare products that have grasped the attention of millennials, boomers and Gen Z alike – an accolade most beauty brands find unattainable.

However, with the new arrival of Skywash, comes mixed reviews. Glossier’s new eyeshadow collection claims to be a smudge-proof, liquid-to-powder eye shadow with a similar consistency to liquid lipstick but for your eyelids. Skywash is notably gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, meaning those with sensitive skin can get in on the action, too. The ingredients also include Novatol, a naturally sourced antioxidant vitamin E, and Glossier's proprietary Softlock technology, which is a special coating on each pigment that locks the product to our lids, so it can stay creaseless and bright for 12 hours.

I tried Lidstar a couple of years ago and felt ambivalent towards it due to the slightly patchy appearance. However, I adored the shimmery, summery vibes the shades ‘fawn’ and ‘slip’ gave off, so you can see my ambivalence towards the new-on-the-block Skywash.

But, as my mum always used to tell us about vegetables, you don’t know unless you try. So, being the committed beauty researcher I am, I took to the website and ordered a plethora of the most inviting colours to review. It is important to note that I cannot speak on behalf of all skin types, colours or textures – and so these thoughts are primarily my own (although I’m sure my sisters will get in on the fun too).

The Review:

The packaging is gloriously simple in true Glossier style. The matt like texture makes it feel indulgent and fun simultaneously – a crayon for adults, if you will. The doe-foot applicators in eyeshadows always make me suspicious, however. As I found with Lidstar, it makes it trickier to apply, as the product often sticks more to the brush than to the eye lid – not ideal for an eyeshadow product! Nevertheless, upon swatching, the colours seemed more pigmented and solid than their glimmery sister, Lidstar. Almost chalky in consistency, it felt more like a traditional powder eyeshadow when dried, which I suppose was the idea.

Whilst this worked with the deeper brown shade, Terra, this is where Pool falls down. As you can see on my sister, the shadow is patchy and lacks vibrance. It’s important to note, howver, that she applied less than my other sister, who slathered it on. This seemed to prove more successful as the eyelid was much bolder. Unlike other liquid eyeshadows, Skywash didn’t smear and lose pigmentation when blended. This is most evident in my experiment with Terra. It, instead, definitely lives up to its branding of ‘a wash of colour’. Subtle yet effective, I would wear both of these colours again. The blue is more fun, and definitely oozes early noughties vibes but what’s not to like about that! The earthy, warm tones of Terra work exceptionally well with blue eyes, which was unexpected – and was by far my favourite! We chose these colours, as we felt that they were furthest apart on the colour spectrum they offered – moreover, most likely if we felt that these two were successful, the others would follow suit.

Whilst I don’t think that Glossier will be used by make up artists wanting a ‘snatched’, glamorous look, I also don’t think that this is what Glossier was going for, when they developed Skywash. Their subtle colours add a splash of fun to a natural makeup look. I went in with, to be entirely honest, quite low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Don’t believe me? Give it a try for yourself!

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