New Season Incoming – An Autumn Trend Forecast

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Whilst ordinarily in September, the arrival of a new season’s worth of clothing means nothing more to the average consumer than jeans instead of shorts and boots as opposed to Birkenstocks – 2020, as always, proves different to the norm. For the best part of six months, the world and his wife have been trapped inside their homes. Now, we’re fed up of 'glamming up' with nowhere to go and half-dressed 'fits fit for Zoom conferences. Most certainly, this new season of clothing in the era of 'the new normal’ makes up for lockdown’s lack of dressing up. Whilst our new appreciation for the comfort over everything mantra still stands (about time - thank you, lockdown), there is no doubt that the fashion market is coming back with a bang. Here are my predictions and trend forecasts for the upcoming season:


Check out entrepreneur and influencer Mary Jean (@maryljean) for the modern Parisian fashionista’s ultimate style inspo when it comes to this unexpected pattern of the season.

Whilst it can be argued that animal print is always in fashion (now considered a staple, for most), there is no doubt that zebra print is making waves this season, both on the runway and on the street. It-girl influencers have been donning the early noughties baguette bags for the best part of a year now but keep an eye out for newer animal print versions (especially in teen-targeted trendy stores such as Subdued) this season. How do you make animal print new and fresh, I hear you cry? Exhibit A: The fall Versace show’s take on the statement-making fabric. Their message? Treat the loud pattern as nothing special. When paired with a vibrant floral top and a houndstooth coat, the zebra print pencil skirt becomes almost an intriguing afterthought. Whether paired with boots or MaryJane’s (as seen in the photograph below) – this is a power dresser’s moment to play with print. Check out Khaite’s rich and buttery versions of the zebra print for a gorgeously opulent take on the trend – check out Bella Hadid below for more inspiration.



Not necessarily together.

The world has been WFH indefinitely and yet workwear and suits are having a comeback. I suppose that we, as a population, are so desperate for some level of normalcy in our working lives that we're now willing to wear a power suit to the kitchen table. Not to mention, it’s no surprise that, following lockdown, we’re now seeking a combination of leisure and haute couture – why be uncomfortable when something as simple as a blazer can smarten up a track suit that would be otherwise deemed too casual? Look out for wide legged suit trousers paired with sweat-shirts or cropped tees and oversized 80's style jackets this autumn.

Alexander McQueen Off White The suit in action Christian Dior '20



It seems each year we try to reinvent the classic leather blazer – and in 2020 there is no doubt that the 90’s are back. Take your summer dress into the colder months by throwing on a classic black blazer to channel your inner 90’s chick. Best place to look for them? Try thrift stores and Depop for authentic leather basics.

However, whilst this season we are sure to be seeing an onslaught of leather blazers in its truest form – don’t expect the blazer to be the only form of jacket in style this season. Enter: the rise of The Matrix. Indulge in your inner Keanu Reeves in long leather coats and futuristic sunglasses. Okay, maybe not quite to that dystopian an extent but you’re not far off. A classic celeb-off-duty look, it can be worn simply with a white T-shirt underneath, or with neo-gothic style pants, à la Bella Hadid. It is an everyday staple, but also has the ability to increase the stylishness of a simple ensemble. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try it yourself!



Remember when I mentioned Scandinavian fashion a couple of months ago? Voilà. (Check out my article, if you haven't already!). Taking inspiration from popular Scandi influencers, this season expects a revival matching sets - and lots of it. Perhaps influenced by the clear increase in loungewear popularity (particularly sweat suits, for obvious lockdown-related reasons) the addition of block colour adds a chic twist to a potentially boring, yet comfortable necessity.



Geek chic anyone?

With the rising popularity of thrifted clothing (thanks to Gen Z style icon Emma Chamberlain), sweater vests no longer are a trademark outfit staple of dads from the 70’s but the uniform of London’s edgiest ‘it’ girls. Whilst you could argue that this item of clothing has already gained gravitas in the fashion community, keep an eye out of more appearances of this knit.



Balloon sleeved outfits dominated the Chanel Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week in a plethora of ways this year. A bold twist on the brand known for their classic silhouettes, keep an eye out for this trend. However, Chanel is just one mere example of the powerful nature of this trend - go to Fendi, McQueen and JW Anderson for more inspiration as they boast similar sleeve shapes.



Can't decide on which colour of denim to go for? No fear - just mix them all together! Amidst a sea of clean 90's silhouettes, this season also sees a clash of all sorts of prints coming together to form something resembling your grandmother's quilt. But, of course, in a much more fashionable manner. Play with earthy tones, as seen below on the runway, whilst you're at it. With the growth of sustainable fashion, it's unsurprising that the concept of combining old scraps of fabric is on the rise. Ganni, Alexa Chung and Stella McCartney are already on top of this trending product - so check them out for all things patchwork.


**All photographs are credited to the original owners - specifically Pinterest! I do not claim any copyright.**

Cover photo credit to: Vogue, photographed by Phil Oh.

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