What is Mollie Holder doing in isolation?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Rising star and the one to watch, Mollie Holder (star of ITV’s Sanditon) chats to us about the acting industry during the pandemic, her plans for the future – and her go to lockdown outfit.

What have you been doing to keep busy during lockdown?

Mollie: I’ve been doing some DIY and revamping of clothes to give myself something to do! Whilst the sun’s been out I’ve been doing lots of sunbathing and reading, which has been really nice and relaxing – especially considering the fact that this term was meant to be very stressful! (what with A Level exams that have since been cancelled). I’ve also been doing lots of tidying – but generally just bits and bobs to try and keep myself busy, really!

How has the lockdown impacted on your growing level of acting work?

I’ve been getting a few self-tapes sent through to me, which has been really good to keep me busy. I also had my first ever audition on Zoom the other day, via something called WeAudition, for a potential new series – which is really exciting! I got a recall for that programme, which has been solely through self-tapes, too. I think that the acting world is going to be very different post-lockdown, when zooms become the norm, as opposed to face-to-face auditions.

Mollie (pictured) in her favourite place - Covent Garden.

What is your go-to lockdown outfit?

It would probably have to be a pair of joggers (either from Pretty Little Thing or Brandy Melville), a strappy top and a big, oversized hoodie.

I loved Sanditon! Do you mind telling us how you, as an unknown, got the part of Phillida Beaufort?

So basically, it was an open audition for the parts of both Beaufort sisters and for Charlotte’s sister Alison. The casting directors decided to go around all of the local Bristol secondary schools and asked for girls around my age (16-18) to go ahead and send in a self-tape. I think around 700 applied, whereupon 30 girls got recalled. This was then broken down to a group of 7, then a group of 3… finally ending up with just me and Kayleigh-Paige Rees!

Of course, this was your first time on a television set! What do you think was your most memorable moment on Sanditon?

I think my most memorable moment was on the week of my 17th birthday and it was a big filming week – we were shooting the first ball scene. The night before my birthday the entire cast and crew sang me Happy Birthday and brought out a huge cake! Definitely something I won’t ever forget.

Despite ITV’s assertions that as of now they are not filming a second series, Sanditon is growing in followers everyday – how do you feel about that?

It’s amazing to see the support that Sanditon has been getting – especially from the Sanditon Sisterhood (around 2,000 members strong, this group have created a petition calling for a second series of the show). Their constant support is keeping the show alive!

This Sunday I’m doing a live Twitter Q&A with fans as they all watch episode eight of the show – It’ll be really fun to answer some of their questions.

Your A-Levels are over now - What are your next steps now you’ve left school?

I want to dip my toe in the water and do lots of auditions – to see where it takes me! Whether these auditions will be over zoom or in person once everything is slightly more back to normal, I don’t know!

An outfit she wishes she could be flaunting right now.

What is the role that you wish you could’ve played?

Rachel from FRIENDS – she is such an icon.

Which director would you love to work with?

Greta Gerwig – all her work is amazing and having such a strong female director is so important in this industry.

Which actor would you like to work with?

Meryl Streep or Anne Hathaway I think, because they star in most of my favourite films! (there’s a brief pause whilst Mollie reassesses her decision.) Actually no I have five: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Julia Roberts…

What is your favourite brand of clothing?

Urban Outfitters.

Is there anything exciting on the acting front, on the horizon for you?

I’ll wait to hear back about this recall that I’ve recently had but aside from that, I just want to get started so I’m ready to hit the ground running next year!

Watch out world!

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