Where to find those insta-worthy gold necklaces:

Updated: May 19, 2020

You know the ones I’m talking about! Perfectly layered shimmery gold necklaces grace our Instagram feed every day and I’m sure you all wonder where to get the look. After digging around, I’ve found a variety of differently priced brands that will help you achieve that

summer style you want!

1. Missoma

The priciest (and most lasting quality) of the bunch, Missoma is my newest haven for trinkets and jewellery galore. Their chains, pendants and earrings are to die for – my personal favourites often belong to Lucy Williams’ (blogger & influencer extraordinaire!) own collaborative line: Lucy Williams x Missoma. Maybe ones for the Birthday list, or a treat for yourself during quarantine?

2. Brandy Melville

I hate to be that person that promotes big, fast brands but when it comes to affordable, trendy jewellery, this place dominates the market. Push your way through the hordes of identical, squealing 15-year-old girls in Carnaby Street to browse them in person, or check out their big collection online. Personally, I like how stackable these ones are – their funky choker-style chains are dainty enough to layer up and their heavy-duty chains definitely make an impact.

3. And Other Stories

I cannot stop glowing about this company! Sister to H&M and COS, this popular atelier-style shop is my first stop for Parisienne style fashion, funky nail colours… and timeless jewellery. With more statement pieces, And Other Stories’ necklaces can smarten up any outfit and make you feel fashionable whatever the weather. A personal favourite of mine is their coin necklace with a bumblebee engraved – almost a dupe of Missoma, if you will. Perfect to stack with some thicker chains, or on its own for an understated look. More And Other Stories content coming soon!

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